The Keystone Heights Farmer's Market is operated by the City of Keystone Heights.  Direct operations are the responsibility of the Manager, Cheryl Owen.  The Market Manager is a contract employee of the City. 
     Before retiring, Cheryl was a health care administrator in Colorado and Utah.  But, her achy joints disliked Winter so she moved to the warmer climate of Keystone eight years ago.  Besides her academic credentials, Cheryl is a Master Gardener through Putnam County and a member of the Garden Club of the Lakes and Heritage Commission. 
     She was appointed Market Manager in August, 2010.  Her love of animals, the outdoors and environment as well as people have made a good fit with the Market.  In one of Cheryl's prior incarnations, she owned a health food store which melds right in with the philosophy of farmer's markets.
     Cheryl's salary and day-to-day Market expenses are paid for through Vendor Fees.  A small grant from the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) provides some marketing funds.  No City of Keystone Heights General Fund revenues are used for the Market. 


     The ultimate supervising body for the Market is the City Council.  They delegate supervision through the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) to the Community Redevelopment Advisory Board (CRAB).  As a result, the Manager works closely with the Mayor, members of CRAB and City employees.  The Market's success can be traced to this cooperative working relationship.  Additionally, the Market  Manager is assisted by an Advisory Committee the members of which are drawn from the community and vendors.  A list of the members of the aforementioned groups follows.    

CITY COUNCIL and CRA                   CRAB
Mary Lou Hildreth, Mayor           Cheryl Owen, Chair
Tony Brown, Vice Mayor             John Wick
Paul Yates                                    Sue Plaster
Sam Abramson                            Todd Sigmon
                                                      Jessica Martin
                                                      Maria Gall

Wanda Loursey (community)
Toni Dressel (vendor)      
Amy Warmke (vendor)                

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